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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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robberies. s most recent armed robbery happened here at the quiet corner in the 4400 block of ally about merl street. it was everyone 45:00 monday evening when a man holding a gun and wearing a mask approached a man on the street. he demanded his property and ran away. the victim noticed two other men nearby wearing hoods. they ran away with a man holding the gun. >> everyone's on edge. >> and susan no longer takes her dog for a walk. >> and i would be hesitant to -- and which is something i won't have thought of in the past. >> reporter: earlier this month, there were three armed robberies within 30 minutes of each other near the georgia avenue pet worth metro stop. three men wearing ski masks armed with a gun robbed two people. >> and they hit-and-run crimes. >> reporter: council member
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mary chay said the robberies happened in her ward and next door and that she's been told they could be connected. >> and this crime spike is probably the same relatively the same group of people doing multiple crimes. >> reporter: chief lanier ordered extra patrols, including undercover officers on the street. >> and we're using a variety of tactics working their way back and who may have been released recently and who does this sort of thing. >> reporter: police warned residents to city off of their phones and take out their earphones as way walk. the council member is urging her concerned constituents to call 9 learn if they see anything -- 911 if they see anything suspicious. >> don't be hesitant. you think you're not sure and that is -- to break it. >> reporter: they holding the public meeting in an hour and that is at 2300 cathedral avenue.
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we'll have details at 10. >> thank you very much. and a loudoun opportunity man is behind bars charged with holding a teenager against her will and impersonating a police officer. the arrest of jose rivera laboy stems from an incident last month. investigators say that he stopped a 16-year-old girl while she was walking with friends. he showed a weapon to the girl and claimed he was a police officer and then entered her home. she was not hurt. rivera laboy is being held currently without bond. and d.c. council candidate chavis agreed to a deal to get a solicitation charge dropped. he was charged with offering no one an undercover officer posing as a prostitute in december and today, he agreed to do 32 hours of community service and -- service and to stay away from the unit block in k street northeast where he was arrested and if he stays out of trouble for four months, prosecutors will drop the charge and he plans to
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challenge for the word 7 council street. more than 100 d.c. firefighters turned their back on chief ellerby today to send an unmistakable message. they finished the state of the department speech where they declined to ask questions and, instead, stood up and walked out of the door. the chief is attempting to install a new schedule that has done little more than infireiate the rank and file. paul wagner joins us live with more tonight. paul? >> reporter: laura, chief ellerby just finished the first- ever state-of-the-department speech and opened the florida question when is one firefighter in the room stood up and, in a loud, clear voice, shouted a command. >> attention. about face. d.c. fd, attention. >> reporter: and with that, the 100 or so firefighters in the room walked out. the bold move is in response to the fire chief's plan to install a new schedule that the union believes will turn upside
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down the highways of hundreds, if not thousands of firefighters eliminating the schedule to where firefighters work 24 hours on and 72 hours off. and in its place installing 12- hour shifts. it's one of a number of issues that have many in the department upset with the chief and in an interview after, the chief said he was not upset. >> i can't afford to be upset. we have a department to run and a department to manage and that does not upset me. i almost want to say we expect it. >> reporter: he has said in the second half of the 24-hour shift, the mistakes can happen and he wants to go to 12-hour shifts. he told the mayor and council that the department could save $36 million annually under the plan and some firefighters vow the chief's plan as nothing more than a de facto residency requirement since the current schedule allows members to live as far away as new jersey and north carolina. >> thank you. maryland governor martin o'malley making another attempt
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to legalize gay marriage. he grouse introduced a bill in the state legislature yesterday saying this year's bill does a better job at protecting religious freedoms than the measure introduced last year and that passed the senate and never made it to the house. occupy d.c. protestors, the subject of a hearing on capitol hill today. they set up camp at mcpherson square and their time might be up soon. during the hearing, the head of the national park service said protestors will get one final warning to leave. jonathan jarvis said while protestors won't be allowed to set up camps, they'll be allowed to exercise the first amendment rights in the square. and in just a few hours, president obama will address a joint session of congress. it comes during a browsing presidential election year and in an economy struggling to recover. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is live with a preview. what do you expect the
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president to talk about specifically tonight? >> reporter: laura, it's no secret heading into an election year, president obama will lay out many east of the main -- many of the main themes we will hear this summer and this fall. the president in the earlier part, went to kansas to deliver a speech in what he said was an inequity and the wealthy in this country, don't pay the share the middle class do. the white house said the president is going to lay out his argument for reform of the u.s. tax code and that is interesting. into our area, we are home to one of the battle ground states. virginia and the president carried virginia back four years ago. tonight, we speak with jim go, lib to lay out what is ahead of the president for his task, not only to the nation but in getting the virginia voters to return to the obama fold this
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november and this is what the senator had to say. >> and this is going to depend on who is nominated and -- on the republican side and the vice presidential candidate ask is on the republican side and i feel good about tim kaine in terms of his prospects and i will work hard to try to make sure that he succeeds me here in the senate. >> and, of course, with senator webb retiring, his seat is up for grabs. the former senator george allen is running for that seat on the republican side and is expected to face off against former governor tim wayne. -- tim cape. across the board, at least in virginia, we're looking at possibly the prospects of one of the seats going to be republicans. the other the democrats hope stay in their car. >> and i have to ask you, the president has a lot of ground to cover tonight. what other topics do you expect him to hit on? >> reporter: they're going to hit the highlights.
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this president in this white house field feel they have a strong record on areas as far as foreign policy. the from president is going highlight the accomplishment of ending the iraq war and clearly we'll see another mention of the killing of osama bin laden in passion earlier this year. the white house is trying to stress things the president promised when he was a candidate and delivered as a president. we'll hear a lot about that. >> and usually in an election year, he might launch the state- of-the-union for a launching pad. where does he go from here. does he have a plan to go on the road? >> and he laid out the jobs bill and went nowhere, the republican house membership. the president went on the road and the battleground territories like ohio, florida, parts of michigan. the president is chris crossing the partner with a duel
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message, he's going ask for them tonight and also, talking about the things that he said he has accomplished both as a president and that he promises a candidate. >> we know you're all over. tom fitzgerald, thank you. to the republican presidential race. earlier today, mitt romney released his tax returns for 2010 and a preliminary estimate for this year in 2010. romney made $22 million most of his earnings were from investments. he paid nearly 3 million in federal taxes. that is close to the 15% tax rate paid by many middle class americans. romney also gave nearly $3 million to charity and half of that went to the mormon church. coming up, paving the way to finish the first phase of metro rail to dulles. next, who came through with a big financial boost. and sue. >> hey, laura, another beautiful winter day in d.c. would you believe our temperature at 6:00, 55 degrees and that has gone up a degrees since last hour.
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here's my shock, feldy. another coaching change in d.c.? >> that's right. two coaches were fired, bruce beaudroux and flip saunders. maybe because the wizards had two wins this season and zero wins on the road. flip saunders is out and that is not flip. trust me, he s. as the news edge at 6 rolls on. 
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. >> monitoring metro tonight. passengers who use the dupont circle station will notice changes the next few weeks. the transit agency said the entrance at 19th street will be closed. so, workers can replace three escalators. the closure is expected to take place on february 1st and last about eight months. passengers long complained about the dupont circle escalator saying they're among the least reliable in the metro system. and the dulles rail projects getting a needed financial bost. the federal government will release nearly $116 million for construction of phase one of
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the subject. the mean will be freed up tomorrow. and it's just the latest installment of the $900 million the federal government promised to pay. construction on phase 1 is expected to be completed next year. it will include a stop at tyson's corner. jot correct script here. did someone tell you look nice or good job today? ahead on the news edge, why the compliments were flying or at least why they were supposed to be. but first, he may not be the front runner but ron paul does have something the other republican presidential presidents do not, his own action figure. ron paul's superpack unveils the collectibles in two models. the commander in chief, paul, complete with the u.s. constitution and superhero paul. hmm, how about that? ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go
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. >> hey, you look nice. well, today is actually a national holiday. did you know that? it's national compliment day and as fox 5s beth parker explains n case haven't had a nice word sent to you, you have catching up to do. >> reporter: bring them on, that is how lots of people feel about compliments. who doesn't love to hear you rock? >> today is national compliment day. >> okay. >> reporter: so i like your jacket. >> thank you. thank you. i like your jacket, too. >> oh, thanks. you catch on quickly. >> i didn't realize there was such a day. does it make you want to go compliment someone? >> it kind of does. i love your hair. >> reporter: i like your bag. >> so do i.
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>> reporter: these two sure are laying it on thick. >> you have nice teeth. >> reporter: cameraman very efficient. >> reporter: you have complimented anyone today? >> my dog. >> reporter: what did you tell your dog? >> he's a good dog. i don't know. sorry. >> reporter: your phone's ringing. >> probably someone calling to compliment you. >> reporter: the compliment makes the sky blurry, the sun brighter and warms the heart. >> people compliment and feel better about this and to go about their day. and a better man. >> reporter: and makes you feel good, opens up the endorphins. >> reporter: mark twain said i can live for two months on a good compliment. >> i don't know about that. i thank is overexaggerated and a good compliment will last you today. >> reporter: is this your coworker over here? >> yes. >> can you? >> hi. >> can you pay her a compliment for me? >> yes. georgia, you are doing a very good job since you came on board. you are doing a wonderful job with the guys. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: and how does that
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make you feel? >> it makes me feel like i am doing what i'm supposed to be doing. >> reporter: what are you fishing for? >> catfish or carp. >> reporter: you're not fishing for compliments? >> no, we have known those people. >> reporter: how's my hair? can i bug you? >> reporter: it's nice when somebody chimes in. >> what is the best compliment she's given you? >> that i am a good father and provider. >> they're and-rated. >> reporter: looks like the compliments are working out for them n. washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. and i have a compliment for you, laura evans. great job and the prompter's not working. >> it's not working. >> no, it's going to be a great day. it's all better from here and you -- . >> i love you, sue, and you look so nice today. >> thank you. >> and -- . >> that is sump a great job with the weather. today's a day where we will take the terrific compliments by the weather. what a nice day. >> wow.
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>> and 55 degrees at 6:00. and it didn't start out so nice if you were up early. >> yeah. >> you saw the fog, right? yeah. >> and it was not this bad everywhere n. northwest, it got thick. the visibility dropped and we're kind november our foggy season. once the fog burned off, though, a good amount of sunshine and the temperatures really respondd this afternoon. now, fog is a cloud on the ground and some of that moisture was likely contributed by this, you see the picture behind me, the snow over the weekend. my weather photo, the kids were enjoying it this weekend and a lot of that melted off with the warm temperatures. it's easy to send us a photo if you download our weather app. you can search for it in your iphone and go to the application store there get it on your droid as well and we're excited about that and easy to since a picture. meanwhile, this is the high temperature as of 6:00. 55 degrees; dulles, 57 degrees and bwi marshal, pushing 60 at 59 degrees and look at the temperatures around the region
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right now and search dropping off and that is going to be a chilly night. the clouds are gone and fog is gone and we're going to see radiational cooling. a big drop tonight and the suburban areas are going head for the 20s. can you see the clouds are clearing on out of the area and we're going to have sunshine again tomorrow. it's going to be a cooler day and some rain holding off. give us every drop you have and that is in our area on thursday. could have light moisture wednesday night as well. tomorrow, the high pressure is building in and it's not going to be in the 50s, the wind direction in this area of high pressure and with some north breezes. the high pressure will move out of the way on thursday and that is when we will see some of the moisture we're watching in texas. overspreading the area. i think the bulk of this will
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hold off until later in the day and temperatures on thursday will come up just a bit and this is your future cast and give you an idea what to expect the next few days and some lack- affect snow to the north and the sunshine here by afternoon and evening and some clouds to the west and panhandles. and there could be some early moisture. maybe we see some of that early in the day on thursday and i think you will be able to see here the bulk of the rain holds off until later in the day and some heavier downpours. friday is affected as well and we think we'll keep it moving on out of here for the weekend and not only will we have moisture to contend, but we're showing you a dry weekend forecast and we're not confident. some of the models are suggesting moisture may hang around on saturday, laura, and we'll have to keep an eye on that and see which one of the models, one favoring this winter seems to think it's not going to and we'll wait and see and let you know if we have changes for that weekend
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forecast and our future forecast. >> sounds good. thank you, sue. >> sure. and yesterday caps superstar ovechkin was suspended by the nhl. the grade a decided to skip something else. dave feldman is up next with the sports edge. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ . >> good evening, i'm dave feldman. a 2-15 record is not good for anyone. least of all the head coach. the wizards fired flip saunders today replacing him with assistant coach randy whitman on an interim basis. saunders was hired in 2008 to take a play-off team to the next level. it never happened. the infamous gun incident involving gilbert arenas and crittenton led to the dismantling of the team. rebuilding is something he was not prepared for. the young players file today -- failed to be competitive. the result, an overall record of 51 and 130. after the loss to the sixers, the wizards president ernie grumfeld gave his
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recommendations. >> i made the recommendations, it was my decision. i felt like we needed a different voice and a different direction. i had hired flip and i, i just, i know the situation pretty well and he said that if that is your recommendation and i wilould like to have a laugh and a hoop, but there comes a time where it's work and play. and right now, those two are in, you know, coming together too often and we're playing, you know, around too much without the focus of doing what we're supposed to do and how to do it. >> the capitals host the bruins tonight and the final game before the all-star break. for the first time in nearly six years, the caps will be without an injured nick back strom and a suspended alex ovechkin. the great eight was suspended three games for this hit and the 4-3 overtime loss to the penguins. the third suspension with this being the longest of his career. ovechkin was elected to participate in ottawa and today, he explain idea he would
6:26 pm
not make the trip. >> i love the game. it's a great event. i love to be there but again, i am suspended and to be with the game on target. and i feel like -- devoted to thereby right now. if i have to be suspended, i have to be suspended and that is why i give up my roster. >> williams will be honored when maryland names the comcast center. gary coached 22 years in college park, 461 wins the school record. and with the ncaa tournament 14 times in 18 years, including back-to-back final fours and won it all in 2006. here's gary on his career. >> i have been lucky, you know, you stay -- i had aion for 43 years. that is not the way it works in coaching, usually. you have a couple of years where you're not coaching and i have been fortunate. i have been with good people and it does put things in perspective and also makes you realize that, you know, there is a time where you can be
6:27 pm
successful and then there is a time where somebody else, too. >> first baseman prince fielder agreed to a nine-year, $214 million deal with the detroit tigers. as we all know, laura, that is sue palka money. [ laughter ] >> and sue palka has a lot to talk about. let's look once more at the gorgeous forecast. a beautiful day and look at the 50s. >> and those are bigger numbers and we're not going to get the mid-50s in here tomorrow, feldy and laura, 47 degrees and a lot of sunshine ought to feel would go good. >> we'll enjoy it while we have to. the news is always on 
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